Portishead's Ride Remix Resurfaces

10 August 2012 | 12:34 pm | Dan Condon

Hear Portishead change up Ride's Moonlight Medicine.

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Many years ago, Moonlight Medicine, the opening track on Carnival Of Light, the 1994 album from British alt-rock torchbearers Ride was given the remix treatment by a young Portishead. Recently, in the lead up to the reissuing of the band's entire back catalogue, following a successful re-release of their classic debut Nowhere, the band unearthed the remix and have given it to theMusic.com.au to feature today.

Listen to it here:

The remix is essentially a complete reworking of the song; there are very few elements of this version that remain the same as the version that was released on the Carnival Of Light record. Portishead have essentially taken a few disparate parts of the song and built their own composition around it. It is a fascinating piece of music and a great artifact that shows two very different acts, who at different stages were at the pinnacle of the UK alternative music scene, working in tandem to create something intriguing.

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Another interesting point about the song is that the Hammond organ that features on the track was played by none other than Jon Lord, organist for Deep Purple, who just recently passed away.

Ride's Mark Gardener, who sings on this song, was recently in Australia and had a chat to us just prior to his visit.