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Peter Black Opens Up

12 August 2012 | 5:30 pm | Celline Narinli

Currently on the road to recovery, Peter Black (aka Blackie) has opened up to theMusic.

Following a series of unfortunate events including the infamous assault earlier this year in May, Peter Black – one third of legendary Aussie punk band the Hard-Ons – opened up to theMusic in a recent interview.

“I won't lie to you, it's been the most fucked time of my life,” Black states plainly. “I've had a trilogy of really fucked up shit happen to me before the assault too. I don't know, I guess I've had such a good run, being a young kid in a punk band and travelling the world, that there had to be some shit thrown in my direction at some stage. I'm not enjoying it, but what can you do? That's life.”

Off the back of his recent solo release, No Dangeous Gods In Tunnel, Blackie will be heading out for a couple of shows along the east coast. However, as the aforementioned assault left him unconscious with skull fractures and a swollen brain, he explains that it's not all over yet, and that he is still very much on the road to recovery.

“I get bouts of vertigo still, which is a real worry because the hospital said I should only have it for six weeks and it's getting closer to two-and-a-half months,” he continues. “It's certainly much better than when it was when I was in hospital. I just got back from a jog, I can do things like that, and the fitter you are the better you recover. When you get a knock on the head, I don't know the full mechanics of it but it fucks with your inner ear, and I'm doing these vertigo exercises that make you feel like you're going to puke all the time. I feel a little nervous picking up a guitar, because I feel like that I mightn't be up to par anymore. And with the acoustic stuff, I'm a long way off feeling proficient at that stuff, so it's all rather cumbersome.”

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