'It Just Didn't Connect': The Peking Duk Track That Inspired Adam Hyde's New Solo Project

26 February 2021 | 11:08 am | Neil Griffiths

"It felt like an acid trip in Mumbai...it was really us."

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Adam Hyde shocked Peking Duk fans last month when he announced new solo project Keli Holiday, but the new venture has been in the works for some time.

Appearing on a new episode of The Green Room With Neil Griffiths podcast in what is Hyde's first public interview for Keli Holiday, the Canberra producer said the desire to work on solo material came from not being able to "jump too far outside of the box of what Peking Duk is known for or what it is".

Specifically, Hyde referenced Peking Duk 2018-released song, Distant Arizona, which they worked on with Aussie act Cloud Control.

"We recorded it in Mumbai, we put sitars on the track. It felt like an acid trip in Mumbai...it was really us. It was rock'n'roll and it was fucking dope," Hyde told podcast host Neil Griffiths.

"I remember we put it out and it just didn't make sense. It didn't connect. And it was like, 'OK, we get it now. It just doesn't make sense under Peking Duk.'"

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Hyde eventually sent Keli Holiday demos in an email to fellow Peking Duk member, Reuben Styles, who also launched his own side project, YOGA, late last year.

"I was like, 'Hey dude, I wanted to hit you up first and I wanted to let you know that I'm doing this and it feels right and I love this music'...the reply was so beautiful," Hyde said.

"He just said to me, 'Oh my fucking God, thank you. This is the most beautiful breath of fresh air I could have ever received.'

"He's got so many ideas. He's such a talented dude. He's got jazz ideas, funk ideas, disco ideas, crazy shit that he wants to put out and he always feels like he can't because it can't go into Peking Duk, which I get.

"The funny thing is though, I didn't know he was dropping that shit when he did. He didn't keep it secretive what so ever, but I didn't know shit. I was like, 'Damn, this motherfucker beat me to the punch on the release! He knew I was doing this shit, I emailed him!'"

Keli Holiday's second single, Where You Feel, is out on 26 March ahead of the debut album expected to drop in June.

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