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Overheard At BIGSOUND: Part Three

11 September 2015 | 3:39 pm | Staff Writer

You said it. We heard it

We might have been two days and two nights deep into the BIGSOUND 2015 experience last night — and feeling it like hell this morning — but that doesn't mean the zombie-delegates of the Valley aren't still rich sources of secrets, whispers and quips. Thanks again, BIGSOUND. You've been enlightening as always…

"Will spicy sauce melt a cup?"

- Cheers for giving us something else to worry about.

"Don't even get me started on DMA's."

- An industry delegate not at all on board with the burgeoning "Australian Britpop" scene, repped this year on night one by up-and-comers Green Buzzard.

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Watch yo'selves

At least one "rabid" Bulldogs supporter out among the throng expressed intent to "steal the flag" this year. Not sure if they meant metaphorically or literally. Hoping it's the latter.

separated at birth

Anyone else think the Dorsal Fins male frontman resembles a young John Oliver? Is no one going to talk about this?

"Is that the guy from Thirsty Merc?"

"Which one?"

"You know which one."

It was not.

Actually, it could have been. 

lose yourself to dance

Not a quote, but there was a gentleman in attendance at Tiger Choir's set who was freely handing out fist bumps to all in his vicinity while cutting rugs of the highest, most carefree quality.

Was later told he was also seen pulling the "fire hose" manoeuvre at the urinals. That is a man moving to the beat of his own, wonderful drum.

"are you going to goy?"

"what's a goy?"

"You know, gang oyouths!"


Stop trying to make "GOY" happen. It's not going to happen.

you sneaky bastards

Lepers & Crooks surprised us with a bit of a street-side, van-top guerrilla gig. Noice.


Psssst... @lepersandcrooks busted out a bit of a guerrilla gig, to the delight of all in the vicinity #BIGSOUND15 #legends

A photo posted by TheMusicComAu (@themusiccomau) on

even bigsound might be ready to pull up stumps on bigsound

what's that buzzing in your ears?

The Goon Sax rammed Ric's Bar with indie industry heavyweights. But with extra punters taking part in BIGSOUND Live on the final night, it was interesting to see the people power vote going to Gang Of Youths (full house and loads turned away), closely followed by Tired Lion

exam time

Which band played a showcase after its members sat high school exams that morning?

the new tracy partridge (look her up)

Full marks to Angie, her boganwave sound fleshed out with BIGSOUND's most intense tambourine player — he wore leather gloves!

overheard but not to be repeated

If you are involved with one of the event's buzziest bands best you aren't overheard slagging another of the event's buzziest bands. Or do we smell beef?

pitched not forked

The keynote everyone is talking about? Pitchfork's Jessica Hopper left audience members in tears and had a lot of people describing her discussions about treatment of women in the industry as a much-needed wake-up call.


During today's 'Twenty Questions' panel it came out that Perth's Methyl Ethel had inked internationally with with Coda Music Agency (Billy Bragg, Halsey and a whole lot more) and Melbourne-based Marlon Williams was going global with Secretly Group (Secretly Canadian, Jagjaguwar).