Original Avalanches Member Drops ‘Since I Left You’-Era EP

22 January 2024 | 3:19 pm | Ellie Robinson

Gordon McQuilten’s ‘One Love’ EP was minted right after the classic Avalanches record, and comes alongside another stack of newly unearthed material.

Gordon ‘Gordy’ McQuilten

Gordon ‘Gordy’ McQuilten (Supplied)

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Gordon ‘Gordy’ McQuilten – a former member of The Avalanches, who notably performed on their acclaimed 2000 album Since I Left You – has released a collection of material he’d long assumed to be lost, including an EP of tracks from that same era.

Earlier this month, Gordy released a 13-track album called Double Stack iMac, consisting of material he’d recorded between 2000 and 2008. So the story goes, Gordy had once used a decades-old Power Mac G4 to produce music, and when it was recovered from an old loft last year, so too were the unfinished songs on them.

Gordy left The Avalanches in 2001, and at the time assumed the tracks he’d worked on were buried in the band’s archives. That was until 2022, when he discovered a forgotten CDR containing the tracks; he went on to begin re-working them on a laptop, but as fate would have it, that laptop would end up stolen shortly thereafter.

The Power Mac stack was uncovered by Gordy’s friend Airi late last year, and the files were extracted using “an obsolete hard drive reader”. They remain in their semi-unfinished state, with the record existing as somewhat of a time capsule for diehard fans.

According to Gordy’s publicist, the artist “wants to remix some of the tracks to perfection”, but the general consensus is that they all “hold together pretty well as a complete album even though they weren’t recorded with that intention”.

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The first four tracks of Double Stack iMac make up the Since I Left You-era EP, itself titled One Kiss. Have a listen to the title track (which Gordy first dropped last February) below, then head here to give the full record a spin.

In 2021, 20 years after its release, Since I Left You landed its highest-ever position on the ARIA Albums Chart, peaking at #5 thanks to a deluxe re-release.

In a review of the recent Heaps Good festival in Melbourne (Naarm), Michael Prebeg wrote of the band’s headlining set: “The Avalanches take us on a musical journey with their signature live electronic music loaded with samples seamlessly woven together and accompanied by entrancing synchronised visuals. Their invigorating energy keeps the party alive and gets the crowd grooving along as they mix up some of their biggest hits and even include some exciting new unreleased material they’ve been working on.”