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New Music From Spiritbox Might Be Coming Next Week

12 April 2023 | 12:43 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Is a new Spiritbox song coming next Friday?

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After watching the first-ever Spiritbox shows in Australia at Knotfest and a sideshow in Melbourne last month, we’ve been hungrier than ever for new music from the metalcore trio.

Since releasing their ARIA #8 debut album, Eternal Blue, in September 2021, vocalist Courtney LaPlante, guitarist Mike Stringer and drummer Zev Rosenberg put out the even stronger Rotoscope EP last year. Now, it seems like Spiritbox are preparing to release more new music this year.

In a new interview with Revolver, LaPlante admitted, “We love to sabotage ourselves. So we're like, 'Hey, let's throw in writing new music, too' — and hopefully, we'll get some new music out in the first half of the year. After that, we're gonna hibernate and hopefully write an album. That's the goal. Crazy first half of the year, pretty chill second half.”

The Holy Roller vocalist continued, "Now we have to figure out when do we show you the songs? Do we show you in March? Do we show you in September? Or do we wait until 2024? I don't know. We wrote this music because we really wanna share it with you. It made us feel a certain way and we wanna see if it makes you feel a certain way, too."

She added later in the interview, "If everything aligns and we feel really strongly that everything hits exactly how we want — the art and the music and the whole thing around it — we'll want to put this out as soon as possible."

Overnight, users on Reddit pointed out that a new Spiritbox song entitled The Void is due for release next Friday, 21 April, per a leak on Kingdom Leaks. The band also performed The Void in Vancouver on Monday night - you can check out live footage HERE.

We said about Spiritbox’s Knotfest sideshow in Melbourne: “Spiritbox’s set tonight is a one-hour and fifteen-minute celebration of new-school heavy music, an extravaganza of heaviness, melody, atmospherics and subtle but effective electronica.

“Every song hits the mark, from opener Circle With Me to closer, the title track from their debut album Eternal Blue. Every song sounds exactly like it does on the record, just bigger, badder, bolder, and better. Every moment is slickly produced and spontaneously delivered.” Read the full review here.