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New Committee Formed To Boost Ballarat's Live Music Scene

24 September 2015 | 12:12 pm | Staff Writer

Representing local music.

Ballarat's live music scene is set to get a massive boost as a new committee has been formed to increase the city's support and promotion of music over the next three to five years.

As The Courier reports, the new initiative marks Ballarat's first Live Music Strategic Plan and it will aim to strengthen live music in the Victorian city by reviewing current policies. 

Shaun Adams, owner of popular music venue Karova Lounge has teamed up with a number of personalities for the cause, including Ballarat Councillor Belinda Coates and musician Allan Kealy, among seven other music industry leaders and event managers. 

Speaking to theMusic, Adams explained that the committee was formed as a way to pay back the passionate music community in Ballarat. 

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"The reason why we're doing it is to recognise the impact that music has had in Ballarat and to then put things in place that it keeps staying supported and protected," Adams said. 

"It's really great for it to happen in Ballarat…protecting venues and looking at ways at how to better support and promote live music."

If the committee proves to be a success over the coming years, Adams revealed he would like to expand the initiative across the country, through it would depend on local councils. 

"I think for us it's really just about getting this right first and seeing the impact that it can make and then hopefully other local councils and state governments can look at the template that Ballarat's made and follow it."

In a massive sign of support, The City of Ballarat has already donated $10,000 to the new project.