Perc: Quality Music Is Dead Not The Industry

16 August 2012 | 12:25 pm | Celline Narinli

UK producer Perc slams "generic" musicians who moan online about the industry being dead.

UK  DJ/producer Perc Trax (aka Alistair 'Ali' Wells) – who is currently in the country for a couple of Australian dates – has spoken to theMusic in a recent interview, claiming that the music business is not dead.

"There is money to be made, just not as much as before," he muses. "There are too many new labels or producers that put three utterly generic, disposable tracks up on Beatport or iTunes, spam Facebook a few times, get upset when they sell less than 30 downloads, [and] then go on the Internet moaning that the music business is dead.”

“If you can provide a high quality, individual product at a good price, then people are still willing to pay for it." He goes on to mention that the key is to "reduce frivolous spending and stay realistic." 

Whilst on the topic of music taste, the producer -  who once produced drum'n'bass - also explains how contemporary dubstep does not appeal to him. "It is not my cup of tea, but it does not bother me. What passes for dubstep now is a different sound to the original Croydon dubstep, but the same could be said for present-day European techno compared with the music of the Detroit originators. I don't have any ill feelings against the huge stars of the US dubstep explosion. Sometimes technically they are pushing the envelope far more than people slavishly copying the age-old Berlin or dub techno blueprints."

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