Molly Meldrum Returns To Hospital; Latest Injuries 'More Serious Than First Thought'

1 February 2016 | 2:59 pm | Neil Griffiths

Meldrum's brother reportedly wants to bring him home.

Aussie music critic Ian "Molly" Meldrum has returned to hospital in Thailand where he is currently holidaying due to concerns that the injuries he sustained after a nasty fall last week are much more serious than first thought. 

It was revealed that the 73-year-old cracked four ribs and dislocated his shoulder while getting out of a taxi at his Bangkok hotel, however as reports, Meldrum returned to the hospital last night due to nerve damage and severe pain in his right arm.

Meldrum was due to get spinal surgery last week, though it was delayed to allow his bones to realign following physio over the weekend.

Speaking to radio station 3AW, Channel Seven reporter Nick McCallum (who travelled to Thailand last week to interview Meldrum) said of his condition, "It’s a lot more serious than what we first thought and much more serious than Molly first thought as well."

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"There are some obviously deep mental scars from what happened to him in 2011 when he fell off his roof and was in a coma for five weeks," McCallum said.

"He had real problems going back to hospital."

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford has since tweeted that Meldrum's brother has flown to Thailand and will possibly attempt to bring him back to Australia. 

It is understood Meldrum initially flew to Thailand to avoid the hype of the upcoming two-part series based on his life, Molly, set to air this month. 

Meldrum's management have told theMusic there is no comment to make at this stage. 

Meldrum's interview with McCullum will air on Channel Seven tonight from 6pm.