Missy Higgins Gets Epic Wonder Woman Tattoo

30 March 2023 | 9:56 am | Mary Varvaris

The story behind Missy Higgins' new tattoo is beautiful, touching and will likely resonate with many women.

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Missy Higgins has gotten an iconic tattoo of Wonder Woman in a message of hope, resilience, and moving forward for people who have felt devastated after a divorce.

A few months ago, Higgins delved into the theme of “identity” on the ABC television series, Take 5 with Zan Rowe

Missy Higgins' episode was her first interview since separating from her husband. 

On an ABC Backstory about Take 5, Rowe said, "I've known Missy for 15 years, and at that moment, I was thinking, from a pure respect point of view, I can't just leave her out there with cameras filming her. I didn't want her to feel as though we were filming her and exploiting her in an incredibly vulnerable moment. So, I just held her until she was ready to let go."

Since then, Higgins has come full circle and is in an “acceptance” stage of moving forward. Like she channelled her darker thoughts into music as a teen, the Scar singer is now channelling Wonder Woman as a “symbol of inner-strength, independence and self-love.”

Sharing the new tattoo on Instagram, Higgins wrote about all the “hard things” that led to her new tattoo.

“The last year has been really hard,” she admitted.

“Whatever this chapter is, I still feel at the beginning of it. Still wading through the confusion of it all.

“I still find myself winded with sadness and disappointment that somehow I wasn’t able to make my marriage work. Like it was something I just should’ve tried harder at. Like it was my fault. I’m bored with that narrative and I want to move on.

“Because I know in my heart of hearts that longevity is not an accomplishment in itself. The goal should be happiness and meaning, in whatever creative, counter-cultural form that may take.

It’s easier said than done to unpick the stitching of a lifetime of conditioning.

“But I’ll keep looking down at my Wonder Woman as a reminder that (as author Glennon Doyle says) we can do hard things.”

Check out the epic tattoo below.

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So this happened today. My Wonder Woman symbol of inner-strength, independence and self-love. All the things that push...

Posted by Missy Higgins on Thursday, March 16, 2023