Melbourne's Hoodlem Sign To Caroline Australia

29 February 2016 | 3:40 pm | Staff Writer

Congrats Hoodlem!

Melburnian duo Hoodlem have a two-fold announcement today — first, that their debut EP would be released to the world on 25 March, and second, that they'll be signing to Caroline Australia for its release.

The self-proclaimed "anonymous project blending pulsing experimental beats, soulful vocals and crisp production" have their brooding track Kintsugi on show, as well as a video directed by David Ward inspired by the Japanese artform of repairing broken pottery with gold.

Ward said of the video, "I'm really influenced by Hoodlem's production sensibility; a mashup of old and new, digital and analogue, real and fake. So we tried to emulate that in the clip by using a variety of different shooting formats and alternating between them; kind of like we're stepping in and out of somebodies head."