Meet Jason Butler's Other Band, Pressure Cracks

7 June 2018 | 7:29 pm | Alex Sievers
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Jesus Christ, how does Jason find time for all of this?

Jesus Christ, how does Jason find time for all of this?

If The Fever 333 just doesn't cut it for you or if you just want more of Jason Butler's crisp voice in your ears, than here's some exciting news for ya. Formed with drummer Bill Galvin, bassist Ryan Doria, and guitarists Dan Bieranowski and Kevin Fifield (ex-members of now defunct metalcore outfit, Scars Of Tomorrow's), Butler is fronting yet another chaotic band: Pressure Cracks.

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Showing off chunky grooves, heavy hardcore riffs, big breakdowns, and wilder vocals (if you can believe it), the former Letlive. frontman channels his older 'Speak Like You Talk' and 'Fake History' days to let rip behind the mic on Pressure Cracks. I don't know about you, but I sure know what I'm gonna jam the most when it comes down to this band's music and The Fever 333's newest EP.

In his current band, Butler tackles many political issues with lyrics that amount to the overly-repeated campaign slogans to get their message of the movement across. Yet on Pressure Cracks self-titled debut EP, the singer pulls in far more nuanced and personal lyricism for his extreme sermons. Here, it just feels really earnest and genuine. On top of that, this new band also nicely captures the darker moods and utterly insane live energy that Letlive. utilised so well in their career too. Which makes me all kinds of happy, you don't even know!

Be sure to stream the full Pressure Cracks EP below. It's just four tracks over 13 minutes so there's no excuse to not check this shit out immediately. It's great stuff, really, with opener 'Collages & Collagen' and second-track 'Be A Wolf' being major standouts; almost making up for what we got with that 'Made An America' EP. Well, somewhat.