Meet Australia's Newest Indie Label, Our Golden Friend

9 December 2015 | 12:22 pm | Neil Griffiths

Get familiar.

A brand new indie label coined Our Golden Friend has launched in Melbourne which will aim to showcase fresh new Aussie music to the masses.

Speaking exclusively to theMusic, co-founder Lorrae McKenna of Remote Control Records said the new label launched by her and partner Skube Burnell has been a long time coming. 

"[It was] a platform to release the music that we love," McKenna said. 

"...It's not really about what we think will sell or be immensely popular, it's just about sharing the music that we love with the people really!"

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The label initially started off as a management company when McKenna began managing Melbourne pop act Sunbeam Sound Machine 18 months ago. 

"We have always had this pipe-dream to turn it into a label but I have never really had the time," McKenna explained.

"So Our Golden Friend is basically a passion project for us to share the music that we love with people, because we have quite obscure taste! The idea behind the label was to combine our passion for Labradors, in particular our dog Dusty, with our love for music by creating a platform where we can share and create things and form a community of like minded people around us."

Just five hours after launching under the name 'Golden Lab', they discovered a UK company had already owned that name and to avoid confusion, the label made the easy switch to Our Golden Friend. 
The label has already announced their first signing in 808s & Greatest Hits, the bedroom recording project of Burnell, who released his debut album Featuring A Fantastic Reprise independently last year. 
Listen to 808s & Greatest Hits on iTunes now and for more information on the new label, check out the official Facebook page