Max & Igor Cavalera Announce ‘Return To Roots’ Australian Tour

3 July 2017 | 8:44 am | Alex Sievers
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With Skindred also coming along with old mates Max & Igor for the ride.

With Skindred also coming along with old mates Max & Igor for the ride. 

Yesterday evening, as you all sat down for a Sunday roast or did whatever the hell it is you do on a Sunday night, Max and Igor Cavalera announced the Australian run of their 20th-anniversary tour for the quite literally seminal album ‘Roots’.

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Sepultura's sixth studio - which was released back in 1996 - will be played in its entirety each night by the brothers Cavalera and co. on this September Aussie tour.

Max spoke of this celebratory period in his career in a recent press release, saying “Metalheads. It's time. Twenty years ago, we released the Roots album and changed the face of metal forever. Now, we're returning to ‘The Roots’ to show everybody the magic and inspiration of the Roots live experience!". His brother and fellow drummer/percussionist Igor adding that, “I am very proud to play Roots again – to reaffirm that after 20 years, it still moves people. We hit the stage again with Roots to destroy everywhere we pass by.”

'Roots' really is a landmark album in a way, not just in its commercial sense of it selling a fair few million copies but also in an influential sense. After the Latin-ish rhythms heard on 'Chaos A.D.', 'Roots' took the Brazilian metal band even further down their country's own musical sounds and textures (ensemble traditional percussion playing, etc) and pushed the groovier nu-metal movement of that era even further. Showing that South Americans could do the style just as well as their North American counterparts. I mean, you take one listen to 'Ratamahatta' and tell me that didn't personify the 90's nu-metal landscape -groovy drumming, bouncy riffs, dual vocals, scatting, etc. And this nu-metal sound meeting with "world" music is an idea that after leaving the band and his brother behind, Max Cavalera would then really continue to pursue with the music of Soulfly. Something that is also present in the nature of Skindred's aggro-bouncy nu-metal/rap-rock sound, who will be supporting the headliners on all of their five Aussie dates.

Twenty years later, and after becoming one of Brazil's most famed metal exports and one of the key influences for nu-metal and groove metal of the last two decades, Sepultura as a band, the brothers Cavalera as people, and 'Roots' as an album will never be forgotten, not least by the passing of time.

It's time to get back to your roots.

Check out the tour dates for this celebratory tour of one of the 90's most important metal records below. Tickets go live for this one on July 6th at 9am sharp.