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Machine Head Singer Regains Stolen Guitar Once Owned By Dimebag Darrell

2 June 2016 | 2:23 pm | Staff Writer

Six painful years of hunting have finally come to an end for Robb Flynn

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Every now and then, a story comes along that restores faith in both humanity and the possibility of a higher power, and the chain of events experienced by Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn that have finally brought closure on a six-year-old robbery amount to one such tale.

As New York radio station Q104.3 reports, Flynn was the victim of a break-in at his San Francisco home in 2010, with the thieves making off with, among other items, cash, jewellery and four guitars — one of which was an irreplaceable, highly sentimental axe, a Washburn 'Dimebolt' model, given to Flynn on-stage in Chicago by late, great Pantera guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott in 1997.

Flynn spent the ensuing years hoping for the return of his guitars but, after several disappointments — "I can't even tell you how many times I've had this; hundreds and hundreds of times, and they've always just been kinda false leads or whatever," he says in an explanatory video uploaded to the band's YouTube page — he has finally had a win thanks to one woman's fortuitous storage-facility purchase.

According to background under the video, Holly Cherry bought an unclaimed storage unit in San Bernardino for $10, in which she found two guitars — the Dimebolt and another, unreleased Epiphone prototype that bore Flynn's signature. Investigating online, Cherry found stories about the theft and consequently got in touch with Bryan Kehoe at Jim Dunlop Strings & Pedals, a long-time sponsor of Machine Head, providing pics and information about the instruments. From there, Kehoe sent that information on to Flynn's old friend, Craig Locicero (who has also performed with the singer), who ultimately got it in front of Flynn.

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"You can imagine my shock when that email came through and it was really them," Flynn said. "I was sitting in our son Wyatt's gymnastics class waiting for it to start and I blurted out, 'HOLY SHIT, they found my guitars!'"

Flynn's gratitude is palpable throughout the three-and-a-bit minute video, which recounts the tale of his loss and how Cherry found herself as his unexpected guardian angel. In an accompanying statement, he says: "I’d like to thank Holly Cherry for being so amazing throughout this entire process; she truly is an outstanding human being.

"I’d also like to thank Officer Ian Leong of the Martinez Police Dept. who has stayed on the case for over six years, and has been unrelenting in hunting down the thieves," Flynn said. "Lastly, huge, huge, HUGE props go out to Craig Locicero and Bryan Kehoe for contacting me with this info, and also to Chris Wallace and Wes Anderson for connecting the dots.

"The Ibanez guitar that I used to write and record Machine Head’s debut, Burn My Eyes is still out there missing, so I’m asking all the Head Cases to keep their eyes peeled. But, for now, the Dimebolt is home and it’s moments like these that make you believe, man, they make you believe!”

See the happy reunion below.