From Search Histories To Supergroups: Get To Know LASHES In This Exclusive Chat

18 March 2021 | 2:42 pm | Lashes & Mitch Ansell

Ballarat electro-pop artist LASHES has just dropped her third single, 'Luv Is Blind', which she co-wrote with Northeast Party House's Mitch Ansell. Here they sit down and interview each other about everything from their ultimate dinner party meal to the must-read music books.


Ansell to LASHES

Q: Which venue are you most looking forward to performing in this year? 
Any venue to be quite honest with you! If I had to pick, I’d say 170 Russell as I’ve seen so many of my favourite bands play there over the years. 

Q: You’re hosting a dinner party and need to impress. Which dish are you going to cook and what drink will you be making everyone?
I have perfected Rogan Josh, it’s my go to meal if it’s my turn to cook at a family dinner party. I’ll also be making everyone amaretto sours! I’m not sure it pairs well with a curry but that’s OK. 

Was there a certain artist during lockdown that you listened to more than others?
Q: I listened to a lot of The Japanese House, I find their music so emotive and soothing. I get lost in their intricate production so it sort of transported me out of lockdown. 

Q: Which artist would you love to support or bring on the road with you for a tour?
I would love to support Lastlings or Mura Masa one day. 

Q: Open up Safari on your phone, what was the last thing you searched for?
The last thing I searched was “enclosed slides”. It’s a long story, but in a nutshell I was having a conversation with a friend about how we would go about living on a planet where the surface was all water. I watched Interstellar recently and was really inspired by the Miller’s Planet scene.

Q: What is your favourite documentary of all time?
Wow, it’s so difficult to choose only one! The My Octopus Teacher doco really got to me, it’s pretty fresh in my mind and I cried a lot, so I’m going with that! 

LASHES to Ansell

Q: What kind of songs did you create during lockdown?
I made some promotional video music for a few brands which was really fun. I also did a couple of remixes for Cub Sport and started to flesh out new demos for Northeast Party House. All of these projects were quite electronic so I was very lucky to have been able to work on them from my bedroom.  

Q: Which deceased musicians would you form a supergroup with?
John Bonham and Kurt Cobain.

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Q: If you could show a picture to every human on earth at the same time, what would it be of?
Good question. I think I’d just write on a piece of paper “please be kind to one another” or “don’t be a dickhead". 

Q: What is a book that has inspired you?
I’ve always been a big fan of David Byrne and I’m currently reading his book How Music Works. He is so passionate and curious about the history of music, it’s a very sweet read for any music lover.  

Q: What music do you put on when you’re in the car?
The AUX input in my car has never worked so I have a river of CDs floating around me most of the time. They’re all from my teenage years so it’s usually The Vines, Beach House, Nirvana and Crowded House that I’m pumping as I cruise around in the Corolla.  

Q: Who is your favourite artist/band at the moment?
The past year I’ve been listening to a band called SAULT on repeat. They keep things pretty mysterious when it comes to who they are and what they look like, but I think there is a beauty in that. It allows the listener to just focus on the lyrics and instrumentation, which are so so powerful.

Check out Luv Is Blind, and find out more about LASHES, below.