Ladyhawke: 'I'm No Cyndi Lauper'

6 June 2012 | 8:07 am | Staff Writer

But she'll take a Joan Jett comparison any day.

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Kiwi-born songstress Ladyhawke wants you to know she isn't anything like the girl who just wanted to have fun.

"I was compared to Cyndi Lauper once - someone said I was 'the Cyndi Lauper of the American Apparel generation.' I thought that was so funny - it's so not me," the singer, whose real name is Phillipa Brown, told The Drum Media.

"I mean, Cyndi Lauper is incredible, but we're polar opposites," she stressed. "If you've only heard my first album, and you've never met me or don't know me, I guess people picture something in their head."

There is one musical resemblance though that would get Brown's seal of approval.

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"I really worship Joan Jett. I really wish that someone would make that comparison. She's the closest out of anyone that I think I am like."