Jesse Rose Says EDM Boom Is Good For Underground Scene

22 December 2012 | 1:01 pm | Staff Writer

The house producer is standing firm against the backlash.

In a recent interview with, UK house producer Jesse Rose says that there is no need to think of the current EDM boom as being harmful for the those on the fringes of the scene.

With many old school and underground dance producers attacking those who are making money off the commercialisation of club music, Rose prefers to see the benefits.

"In a way, I think it's cool," he says of the corporate bid to attract the EDM dollar. "Anything that gets millions and millions of kids to hear dance music, it will trickle down." 

Rose has experienced that trickle down effect first-hand, "I've had people come up to me and be like, 'Yo, I first went out to Tiësto and then I was like, this is all cool, but I wanna hear something else – and then I found your music and found you.'"

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Despite his own underground leanings - Rose first made his name playing fidget before going against the tide and re-discovering house - the producer has now settled in LA because he believes it is the epicentre of the new EDM culture.

Rose told us: "To be honest, there's much more exciting things going on in LA right now... I think that each city has its time. New York had its time in the '80s, London in the '90s, Berlin in the 2000s, and maybe LA is a good place to be based right now."

Rose, who is currently offering his remix of Kimbra's Good Intentions as a free download from his SoundCloud page, is about to hit Australia for the Field Day/Summadayze festivals around the country.

Read the full Jesse Rose interview here.