It's Official, Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' Will Make You A Sporting Champion

2 November 2015 | 12:40 pm | Staff Writer

Well, sorta.

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He's one of the most powerful music acts on the planet and apparently, Eminem has the power to help you become a sporting champion as well. 

According to ABC, a new study conducted by a research team at UK's Hartpury University Centre found that listening to the rapper's songs can increase athletic performance by up to ten percent. 

The study was conducted over three months as the team monitored the physiological effects that different types of music had on swimmer Ben Hooper and results showed that Eminem tracks, including Lose Yourself and Without Me, significantly increased power and endurance during periods of intense exercise. 

With an aim of developing a 'soundtrack to success', Hooper was monitored as he swam nearly 25,000 lengths of an indoor swimming pool to different genres of music, but Eminem songs proved the most effective as they improved Hooper's levels of effort, fatigue and speed.

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Tracks by Irish band The Script and now-defunct electro act Swedish House Mafia also proved to boost his performance. 

Alternatively, songs by iconic reggae singer Bob Marley and other artists of the same genre showed no positive increases in Hooper's performance and in fact required more effort from the swimmer during the exercise.

Lead researcher Richard Collins said the results showed that lyrics which had an emotional connection to Hooper were more important than both the rhythm or tempo of a song.