‘He Needs Help’: Crazy Town Kicked Off Tour Following Brutal Backstage Brawl

27 April 2023 | 12:23 pm | Mary Varvaris
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"Seth needs help. We can’t just sit by while he’s on the road battling demons to the death."

(Source: YouTube)

Crazy Town have been kicked off Hed PE’s Nu Metal Madness Tour 2 after co-vocalists Seth Binzer (aka Shifty Shellshock) and Bobby Reeves got into a brutal brawl over the weekend, breaking into music news yesterday.

The incident occurred after Binzer arrived at the band’s show in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, towards the end of the night, TMZ reported.

Consequence Of Sound subsequently reported that Reeves apparently forgot the words to the group’s chart-topping hit, Butterfly, and later in the show, expressed his disappointment with his co-vocalist, telling the audience, “I’m so mad at fuckin’ Shifty right now.”

Reeves showed off his black eye in the shared with TMZ – he’s bruised and swollen, and in another video captured on YouTube, the two traded sucker punches and further blows before someone else broke up the fight. During the brawl, the pair somehow went from “I’m gonna stab your kids while they sleep” to “Stop punching me, man, I love you!”

Reeves later posted to his Instagram stories, “Me and Shifty got into a little scuffle, but it’s all good. We’re brothers.”

Now, Hed PE lead singer Jared Gomes announced that Crazy Town are off the tour, which also features Adema and Tantric, per an Instagram statement.

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“Hed PE had to kick Crazy Town off the tour. We’re not saints by any means and Hed PE has done some crazy shit, and I’m not passing judgment on Crazy Town, or Seth or anything like that. 

"But whatever has gone on with us we’ve always tried to come with a good rock show,” Gomes said before mentioning Binzer’s health and history with drug addiction.

Gomes continued, “Because of what’s going on with Seth and Crazy Town right now, Seth needs help. We can’t just sit by while he’s on the road battling demons to the death. 

"He needs to get off the road and deal with that shit. So, you’ve seen the video. If it was just a fist fight between band members, maybe I could be the first one to kinda of mediate or some shit like that.

“But this is a lot deeper than that. It’s a lot messier, so it’s definitely sad for us you know. Because I consider Seth a homie, but [we] just couldn’t keep it going. And Hed PE doesn’t support the shit that’s gone on and the shit that’s been done or been said by Crazy Town.”