Remember That Band That Trashed A US Restaurant? Green Day Just Footed The Damage Bill

24 December 2019 | 6:55 pm | Staff Writer

“These kids are alright."

US punk outfit Wacko got A LOT of attention after hosting a gig at their local Denny’s and trashing the joint, making such a big splash they’re now on Green Day’s radar.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the Californian group performed at the American diner-style venue, and in doing some accrued a huge damage bill; something Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool and Mike Dirnt have helped pay off (and then some).

Green Day shared a screenshot to their official Instagram story that showed a donation of $2,000US to the GoFundMe page alongside the caption “these kids are alright”.

Accompanying Green Day’s donation was a request that the 17-year-old promoter behind the Denny’s gig, Bryson Del Valle, call them as the “wanna play the Bastards Club”, which is the name of Del Valle’s skateboarding and concert promotion company.

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Check out footage of the show below.