Good Vibrations Pulls 2012 Event

25 March 2012 | 12:04 pm | Staff Writer

Good Vibrations festival promoters aim for 2013 event

Promoters have canned the 2012 edition of the Good Vibrations festival, but still hope to be back for 2013.

After a "tough year for ticket sales": which was compounded by bad weather, last year organisers "promised": fans that the event would "definitely" be happening this year, but maybe in a different time frame to its usual February slot.

Yesterday though, as " reported":, promoters Jam Music pulled the plug on the event, indicating there will be no festival this year. The press release read that the event will be "rested".

Owner and CEO Justin Hemmes said, "We will not be going ahead with the Festival this year. We will be in touch in due course regarding plans for 2013." He cites "Competitive demand for artists resulting in higher artist fees, unpredictable weather and a shifting live music market." The future of the event is now uncertain, but skipping a year is not unheard of.

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Last year Homebake returned after a year off. Speaking to _Your Daily SPA_ about weather issues "previously": he said, "We've been riddled with rain recently, I want a dry day!"