Frontierer Announce Highly Anticipated Second Album, 'Unloved'

27 May 2018 | 5:05 pm | Alex Sievers
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The upcoming sophomore LP from Frontierer is set to destroy everything in its path.

The upcoming sophomore effort from Scotland's Frontierer is set to destroy everything in its path. 

2018 has been a big year for Scottish guitarist and producer, Pedram Valiani. His first extreme musical love, the mighty Sectioned, released their batshit insane debut record 'Annihilated' last month; a wickedly chaotic math-metal album that I love dearly. Then, in more recent news, his other band, the exceptional Frontierer, revealed the details of their long-awaited second LP, 'Unloved'.

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Written, recorded and also mixed by Valiani (at his Outlier Sound studio), new album 'Unloved' will actually be released as a free download upon its release - July 27th, 2018. However, that hasn't stopped die-hard fans around the world from pre-ordering digital and physical vinyl copies of the record; breaking the group's PayPal in the process due to the influx of payments. Even skyrocketing Frontierer's forthcoming LP to the #1 position on Bandcamp’s metal category, as well as the #5 spot on Bandcamp's overall best-sellers list. (Putting them just behind Courtney Barnett’s new album by the way). Which is a fucking insane feat given the kind of ridiculously aggro and bewilderingly heavy music that these guys so superbly create.

Frontierer - made up of earth-moving vocalist Chad Kapper, air-tight drummer Owen Hughes, wild guitarists Pedram and Dan Stevenson, and powerful bassist Calum Craig - are one of the best prog/extreme metal acts of recent memory. With deformed riffs, hectic production, crazed rhythms, a ludicrous sense of musical chaos, and some truly mind-breaking instrumentals, the quintet pulls together the best parts of Meshuggah, Car Bomb, and The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza; the latter of whom they now carry the torch onwards for, in more ways than one.

On October 30th, 2015, Frontierer exploded all over the extreme music scene with the sheer force of an A-bomb when they released their debut LP, 'Orange Mathematics'. No, that's not me giving you all some PR-speak nonsense; that record really is on a whole other level and once you hear it in full, you will understand why there so much buzz and praise was levelled at the Scottish group at the time. Something that's now building up once again as 'Unloved' looms ever closer.

'Unloved' also touts guest performances from some of the band's U.K. peers, namely Employed To Serve's frontwoman Justine Jones and guitarist Sammy Urwin (who we're big fans of), as well as Car Bomb vocalist Michael Daffener and guitarist Greg Kubacki. These additions are making my pants tight with giddy anticipation of just what the hell Frontierer and their close mates have cooked up for us all on this record. And if new single, the skull-fucking quality of 'Tumoric', is anything to go off, then Frontierer could make lightning strike twice and have it be just as destructive as it was the first time around three years ago. If not more so.

Prepare yourself for a one-way ticket to hell.