Fiona Horne Doesn't Regret Topless BDO Moment

24 May 2012 | 6:14 pm | Staff Writer

Def FX's Fiona Horne recalls that moment in 1994 when she joined the BDO audience in getting topless.

Def FX no longer feeling the heat

Def FX no longer feeling the heat

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It became an iconic Big Day Out moment – Def FX singer Fiona Horne, on her knees, topless, imploring the crowd on.

On the eve of her old band's reunion tour,  Horne recalls the moment, from 1994, to theMusic without regret.

“I remember thinking, 'Shit, will I take my top off?'” says Horne. “Because God it was so hot and everyone else was taking their bloody tops off that day.

“But I was the first female on the main stage... Immediately with the whole audience, there was this roar – we were on the main stage – and there was this roar that came up and the whole audience just turned into a sea of boobs, every girl in the bloody audience at the main stage at five o'clock in the afternoon took their tops off. It was fabulous – it was just so fun.”

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And Horne adds that she made one very special friendship from the action,  “I remember Billy [Corgan] came up to me after that and said, 'That was really cool,' and we became friends, God bless him.”