Finding Peace with Snark

28 September 2022 | 12:12 pm | Brenton Harris
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In celebration of their grief-stricken new single 'Stay', we asked Snark to tell us how they decompress from taxing situations and how they deal with grief, heartbreak and everything between…

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Bursting back onto the scene after a few quiet months, Melbourne’s high-energy punk rockers, Snark, recently presented the world with their latest single, Stay.

Enlisting the co-writing expertise of Darren Cordeux of Kisschasy and produced by Jack Newlyn of Paradise Club, the track covers the concept of loss and closure when death touches a person's life. Lyrically, the track explores the all-consuming feelings of grief from losing a loved one and the way it hits in rolling waves.

The new single seeks to find peace after loss and centres around the push and pull of grief. Written from the perspective of someone left behind, the track encapsulates the emotions involved when “searching for some kind of sign from beyond and the brief moments of respite you can take from those memories where you can somehow still feel their presence," tells the band.

In true Snark fashion, they bring a taste of positivity and a lighter perspective to what is typically a heavy topic. The track is high-energy and promises to have listeners bopping along from start to finish, because in the band's words “there's nothing more cathartic than dancing away the darkness.”

We asked Snark to tell us how they decompress from taxing situations and how they deal with grief, heartbreak and everything in between.

Finding Peace with Snark

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Stefan: "For me, I love to take my dog for a walk to the park near my house. It's a really nice way for me to take the time to not think or stress about anything and kind of just vibe out with my dog - he's just so stoked to be there that I am too haha. Other than that, I love to just jam out on my acoustic guitar in the living room. If I'm feeling inspired, that could be the start of a new Snark song - if I'm not feeling particularly creative then I'm just going to bust out some pretty sketchy covers of my favourite songs!"

Pat: "For me the best way to decompress is to take a long walk, I'll put on a podcast or listen to sad songs. Failing that I will just go and lay in the sun with my cat, they really know how to kick back."

Matias: "I feel like music is my personal escape when I'm feeling sad or not too inspired by life. I love listening to sad slow songs that reflect my sadness. I'm not so great at talking to people when I'm not feeling my best. I hate the idea of burdening the people I love with my issues. They always feel small compared to what some others have to endure on this earth. So talking doesn't feel right until I’ve had some time to think about it myself and I'm across it all in a personal way. Then I'll speak to my close friends and family about it and that always helps to solidify ideas and what to do about it all."

Snark: "It's Important before a big gig to get a good meal together, as a band we truly believe that it's good for the soul. Our pre-show ritual is to find a space just before we go on and run through a stripped-back version of some of our songs. It helps to get our headspace right and works against those last-minute pre-show nerves."

Stay is out now.