Exclusive: British India Studio Photos, Listen To Their 'Dark' New Single

23 July 2012 | 11:20 am | Scott Fitzsimons

"Lyrically some pretty distressing stuff is going on."

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British India have today released their new single I Can Make You Love Me, the first taste of their upcoming and fourth record and a 'darker' tune from the boys than what we're used to.

Out through iTunes now, we caught up with the band's vocalist Declan Melia to discuss the new record, which they're currently working on in Melbourne studio Sing Sing recording.

"We all went on separate holidays over the summer and since then we've been getting together everyday in Melbourne to write music together," he said. "We record only when we need to, usually at Sing Sing South, it's a small and dilapidated studio, so we don't feel we need to behave. We're not really interested in perfection, we're more into happy and not-so-happy accidents, no one commandeers these sessions, just who ever is most enthusiastic on the day.

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Regarding the new single I Can Make You Love Me, one of the bands more ballad-esque track, Melia said, "I think it's great, it came together very quickly and without too much deliberation or focus. It's pretty dark in comparison to the rest of our canon, but it seems to fit well, lyrically some pretty distressing stuff is going on, I realise now I'm playing a character which I haven't really ever done before."

He added, "The band is really at a stage where we could really write anything, any kind of song is approachable and achievable, since our inception we've had a broad range of influences, but it's only now that some of the more diverse sounds are floating to the top, it's made the music very exciting to work on.

The record is expected to be completed in the "next few months" and will likely get a release before the end of the year.

"After that we'll get back to what we do best, alternating between drinking, sleeping and playing obnoxious rock'n'roll music in places where obnoxious rock'n'roll music isn't normally played."

Listen to the new track now: