Every Time I Die guitarist tears meniscus in wrestling match

23 March 2016 | 11:24 am | Staff Writer
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When he's not laying down riffs on stage or in the studio, Every Time I Die guitarist Andy Williams is exploring his other passion, wrestling.

When he's not laying down riffs on stage or in the studio, Every Time I Die guitarist Andy Williams is exploring his other passion, wrestling.

Having made a few wrestling appearances in 2015, Williams returned to the ring this month in a new singles match. Unfortunately, everything didn't go to plan, with Williams tearing his meniscus following an awkward landing.

"Andy tells us he’s currently on crutches dealing with a torn meniscus he suffered during the match. Williams says it was caused by a bad landing on one of the spots. Doctors will scope his knee in a few days and he should be in recovery after for close to 2 weeks," Prowrestlingsheet.com reported.

Williams discussed his wrestling aspirations previously, when he told Killyourstereo.com, back in 2013, about his past wrestling endeavours.

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“I was like this highflying farmer because I had this long beard at the time and they called me Billy Goat Williams. It would be like a highflying thing, doing back flips off the top rope and shit like that. It was actually pretty cool…and I got to wear overalls with no shirt,” he said.

Concurrently, the guitarist (and, wrestler) is also in the studio working on a new studio album with his mainstay, Every Time I Die. The band has completed drum tracking and continues to prepare the new full-length, which is slated for release later in 2016.

Last day of drums. First day of the rest of your life.

Posted by Every Time I Die on Saturday, March 19, 2016