Employed To Serve keep it metal with 'Mark Of The Grave'

2 August 2021 | 12:57 pm | Alex Sievers
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Riffs, riffs and riffs!

Employed To Serve's fourth record 'Conquering' keeps shaping up nicely with each new track shared. 

With the 'Conquering' LP - out September 17th (a very busy day for new heavy releases) - Employed To Serve are switching up their hardcore and metalcore formula by getting a little more traditional with their rock tendencies and metal attitudes. That was clear on this forthcoming LP's first single 'Exist,' about overcoming that inner voice of doubt as a commentary on merely existing, and it's evident on the latest number, 'Mark Of The Grave.' A track that I view in the same way as 'Exist': not as good as much of their crunchier previous core work, a little repetitive maybe, but nonetheless a satisfying metal trip.

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Guitarist Sammy Urwin has always lent his vocals to ETS in a variety of ways. Sometimes as backing screams, sometimes as eerie spoken-word monologues. On 'Mark Of The Grave,' he takes a hard rock frontman approach for what I think is the first time ever, with his singing vocals creating a push-and-pull tension between his contributions and screamer Justine Jones' harsh yells. Throw in simple but stomping 4/4 riffs, gang vocal chants in the last portion, punchy drum rhythms and squealing six-string harmonics, and you've got a decent little metal ripper on ya hands.

When Justine screamed "You're all dead to me!", I felt that shit.