Dying Wish Vocalist Emma Boster Needed Surgery After A Glass Shower Door Exploded

29 August 2023 | 3:29 pm | Mary Varvaris
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We're wishing Emma Boster a speedy and easy recovery.

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Emma Boster, the vocalist of Portland hardcore outfit Dying Wish, has faced a freak accident: a glass shower door in her hotel room exploded while she was in it.

According to Boster’s social media posts, the accident happened last week and resulted in painful severed tendons.

“It’s been a scary and painful week but I am OK,” Boster wrote on Twitter on Sunday (27 August).
“Underwent surgery yesterday to repair severed tendons in my right hand. The hard part is over and now I’m committed to a long recovery. So thankful for my partner, friends and family. Look how cooked I was post op lol”. You can look at the pictures Boster shared below.

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Glass shower doors exploding is extremely rare, but according to Glass One’s expert Mark Meshulam, “toughened glass microscopic pebbles (called nickel sulphide inclusions)” getting “trapped inside the glass” can weaken the door with the heat inside the bathroom, eventually resulting in an expanding (and exploding) door.

We’re wishing Boster a speedy recovery.

Dying Wish are currently experiencing an upward trajectory, with indie music star Phoebe Bridgers sharing a photo of herself wearing a Dying Wish hoodie and making headlines in the process.

On Friday, 3 November, Dying Wish will release their new album, Symptoms Of Survival, via Sharptone Records. So far, the band have dropped two singles with accompanying music videos, Torn From Your Silhouette and Watch My Promise Die. You can watch the clips below.

“Symptoms Of Survival is an eleven-part piece covering the complexity of human suffering in all forms,” Boster commented about the album in a press release. “From the honest and personal perspective of heartbreak, painful trauma, loss, rage, and regret — to the more objective perspective of war, greed, and ultimate survival.”

On the latest single, Watch My Promise Die, they added that the song was “written about the overwhelming anxiety of pre-destined failure”, explaining: “When you commit everything you have to one area of your life, the idea of it falling apart looms with such heavy importance.

“The song is written from the perspective of toying with that fear, allowing your weakness to overcome before you lose everything in a means outside of your control.”

You can pre-order/pre-save Symptoms Of Survival here.