Die Antwoord Release Another Video Clip Masterpiece

17 October 2012 | 10:45 am | Scott Fitzsimons

Fatty Boom Boom generates awesome YouTube comments

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South Africa's Die Antwoord continue to bring zef-style to the rest of the world with their latest video clip for Fatty Boom Boom.

Following one of the greatest video clip teasers of all time, the band have dropped the video today. It features a scenic tour through an urban jungle of South Africa with a special guest from a “prawn star” [Lady Gaga], who has a less than enjoyable time on her visit.

So far the video has generated some of the best YouTube comments ever. This is one of our favourites:

“This video makes me not wanna ever come to Africa. EVER! Plus if the greatest popstar in the world asked them to open for her, why do you repay her by hating her? Makes no sense... Except if you just want attention from controversy, which is obviously the only thing Die Antwoord wish to accomplish with this video.”

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As per usual, Ninja and Yo-landi Vi$$er fucking star with their dance moves. Watch it below: