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David Simon Wraps Filming On Treme's 3rd Season

25 May 2012 | 4:00 pm | Daniel Crichton Rouse

They filmed 371 musicians, built a bar, and revised the script 66 times.

David Simon has announced on his blog that he's finished filming the third season of Treme, the popular HBO series set in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. "I've now gone through this cycle 11 times for HBO," he wrote, referring also to his other TV series The Corner and The Wire. "At the end, one is simply numb."

He then posted some interesting facts from the third series:

Number of episodes filmed:  10
Number of shooting days:  113 for first unit, plus 10 days of second unit or splinter unit shooting.
Number of feet of film shot (excluding the last day of filming, which had not been compiled:  1,165,570
Number of feet of film shot for Mardi Gras episode:  165,810
Number of total company moves during filming:  280
Number of locations:  370
Number of no-parking signs posts due to location shooting:  7,000
Number of New Orleans restaurants featured:  27
Number of restaurants built as sets:  2
Number of New Orleans bars featured: 40
Number of New Orleans bars built: 1
Number of speaking parts, seasons three:  347
Number of recurring characters, season three:  95
Number of extras:  9,421
Number of New Orleans musicians filmed:  371
Number of travel memos issued by production office: 383
Number of script revisions:  66
Number of total script pages:  597
Number of times a character says “brah” in dialogue:  21
Number of songs performed live:  106
Number of petty cash and credit card receipts:  12,149
Number of marriages within cast and crew: 2
Number of babies born to cast and crew during production: 2

There's no mention as yet of when the series will screen.

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