Classic Metallica Album To Be Preserved By US Library Of Congress

29 March 2016 | 12:39 pm | Staff Writer

The first heavy metal album to get the honours.

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It is considered by many as their greatest album of all time and now, heavy metal icons Metallica's 1986 classic, Master Of Puppets, is to be preserved by the US Library Of Congress due to its historical importance. 

According to ABC, the album is the first heavy metal record to be nominated by the US Government-run library's National Recording Registry which selects 25 pieces each year that are "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

A statement from the library said the album, "shows the group moving away from its thrash-metal history and reputation and exploring new ideas".

The library went on to say that Master Of Puppets aimed to "break free of thrash orthodoxy".

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Check out a Facebook statement from the band below. 

Other selections this year included Gloria Gaynor's iconic 1978 disco track, I Will Survive, Motown act The Supremes' Where Did Our Love Go and Billy Joel's fan-favourite song, Piano Man.


Who would’ve ever thought that Master of Puppets, a record made by a band hovering way left of the mainstream in 1986,...

Posted by Metallica on Wednesday, 23 March 2016