Clare Bowditch New Album Features The Offspring Song

16 July 2012 | 10:18 am | Scott Aitken

National tour to spread the 'happy' word as well.

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Clare Bowditch has this morning announced details of her new album The Winter I Chose Happiness and a national tour in support of it as well.

Bowdtich recently enjoyed her acting debut on Channel Ten's Offspring, in which she plays an emerging musician. With the season ending last week, Bowditch has announced that the album will be lead by the single You Make Me Happy, which featured in the show.

The album follows Modern Day Addiction and chart's Bowditch's recent pursuit of happiness. In a statement today, she said that the inspiration came from her "hippie" GP.

The doc told her, "Clare, listen carefully. Your body is your best friend, but you treat it like a machine. It is giving you a message: put down the goddam rocks. Yes, the ROCKS! In that SACK! On your BACK woman! The one you're always CARRYing! You were born to be happy – don't you know that?”

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The single is out now and the album will be released Friday 14 September through Universal.

Tour dates are below: