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Chimaira Set Date For Crown Of Phantoms

26 June 2013 | 7:15 pm | Staff Writer

The band continues to evolve.

More Chimaira More Chimaira

Crown of Phantoms is set to be the next step in Chimaira's ever evolving sound and word has come through today that it will be released in Australia through 3Wise Records on Friday 2 August.

Metal fanatics rejoice as frontman Mark Hunter has rejuvenated the band with a whole host of new talent. Along with Hunter, the lead vocalist and founding member of the group will Emil Werstler on lead guitar, Matt Szlachta on rhythm guitar, Jeremy Creamer on bass, Austin D'amond on drums and Sean Z takes over the electronics.

The new Chimaira outfit promises masterful technicality and ever present violence the band is known for. Offering up a more twisted and eclectic heavy sound, Chimaira seeks to push, kick, and belt the metal sound into unmarked territory with this new album.

Here's No Mercy to get you excited.

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