Exclusive: Despite Name Change, New Ten Show Will Host Live Music

28 May 2012 | 3:12 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

Local and international artists will perform acoustic and discuss the week's news with host Hamish Macdonald.

Network Ten's new late night news program, Ten Late News, will feature live music performances. TheMusic.com.au can reveal today that bands, both international and local, will perform a track acoustically while also joining host Hamish Macdonald to commentate on the week's news headlines.

After the show was announced, the network refused to comment to us last week regarding the show's format. Then, as the show changed its name from Ten Newsnight  to Ten Late News, they seemed to back away from the variety/light-entertainment aspect.

Today, however, a spokesperson from Network Ten confirmed that live music will be a part of the show.

"That will be a weekly segment," they said of the live music aspect, "and not only will they be doing a live performance on set, but they'll also be invited to have a chat about the news headlines and incorporate personality and opinion and social commentary in that way."

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The show will be filmed out of the Sydney studios and they believe that will give them access to both local and international touring acts.

"It is a news magazine program, so we will be giving the news headlines. We will be then focusing on stories of the day, we will have live in-depth interviews covering the stories of the day and the people that we have for live interviews will also be in studio to chat to the artists, and vice-versa."

The show will premiere Monday 4 June at 10.30pm. The first week's performer is expected to be announced soon.