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20 December 2015 | 10:00 am | Staff Writer

It's your regular dose of the things that kept the 'net talking this week

Outside of Soundwave, which we're probably all in agreement has dominated enough of our lives this week, it was pretty much a week all about two major end-of-year events —  namely, Star Wars and, well, Christmas. Both topics blew up the internet for resoundingly different reasons — though the former was far and away the dominant force (genuinely no pun intended) as far as internet chatter has been concerned — right the way to this weekend as we stare down the barrel of the 25th.

Don't worry, we'll still keep any Star Wars references spoiler-free as a courtesy to the heel-draggers who haven't yet made it to a screening, but you really should get on that sooner rather than later, because everyone's courtesy has a limit and the film is really good so c'mon already.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


On a related note, Stephen Colbert set about combatting The Force Awakens spoilers with his own #spoilerspoilers hashtag - here are some quick gems from that movement:

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Bonus points go to Teen Wolf star Crystal Reed for nailing both topics with one tweet.