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6 December 2015 | 12:14 pm | Staff Writer

"So don't tweet about it you twat".

Rolling into the final month of 2015 and there are still plenty of things to get excited about. Christmas is an obvious one but for film geeks, the new trailer for Batman v Superman dropped this week and it was ah-mazing. Not to mention the highly-anticipated Star Wars film is just a few weeks away from release too. And do we need to bother telling you the ridiculous things Donald Trump got up to this week on his quest to becoming the new President of the United States? 

new batman v superman trailer

The full trailer has finally been released and many love and hate it for different reasons. Is Superman, like, the bad guy in this? What is Jesse Eisenberg's deal? Is Lex Luther meant to scary or just a bad Saturday Night Live character? And what about THAT ending?


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star wars

As we get closer and closer to the release, the suspense is only killing us even more. Not to mention Harrison Ford is mean to be dropping into Australia just in time for the release...

donald trump

This week Trump got himself into Twitter battles, signed autographs where Presidential candidates should never sign autographs and generally pissed off the public yet again.