Buy The Guillotine Used To Behead Alice Cooper On Their 1973 Tour

27 January 2016 | 9:05 am | Staff Writer

A pretty cool prop for your next party

Alice Cooper by Jack Parker, Guillotine via Heritage Auctions

Alice Cooper by Jack Parker, Guillotine via Heritage Auctions

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If you're an Alice Cooper diehard, save your pennies for the auction buy of a century. Alice Cooper drummer Neal Smith has offered a selection of tour memorabilia up for auction, including the original tour guillotine used to behead Cooper on the Billion Dollar Babies tour in 1973.

Designed — and utilised every night on tour — by illusionist James "Amazing" Randi, the huge guillotine measures 98.5" tall and is made of wood and steel, with a legitimate metal blade. 

The auction details that, "Every night, a doomed Alice would be dragged to his demise by an executioner (Randi in costume), and strapped into this device, where in a fantastically ghastly illusion, Alice would then appear to be swiftly beheaded."

The guillotine is not all you can buy from Smith — Heritage Auctions also boasts a slew of other items used on Alice Cooper's tours, including Smith's mirror ball drum kit, numerous glam-rock costumes, signed tour posters, signed drumheads and an 1971 RIAA gold record for Killer

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The items are available for auction from early February from here.