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Björk To Return To Australia In 2023

22 October 2022 | 9:20 am | Mary Varvaris

As part of the Perth Festival.

Björk will make her return to Australia in March 2023 to premiere her magnificent Cornucopia show at the Perth Festival.

The Icelandic legend last visited Australia in 2016 for DJ sets during Vivid LIVE. Björk's appearances next year will be her first musical performances in the country since her incredible sets at Big Day Out 2008. 

An Australian exclusive at the purpose-built pavilion of Langley Park, the Cornucopia shows are described as "Björk's most elaborate production yet" on the Perth Festival website.

"Created by Icelandic pop iconoclast Björk, Cornucopia is a visually spectacular landscape of lush colours, futuristic screens and wild images of nature that comes alive with Björk's wondrous music, as she performs live alongside musicians and choirs of flutes and voices.

"Produced with an award-winning team of digital and theatrical collaborators, co-directed by Björk and based on her environmentally-themed 2017 album Utopia, Cornucopia is a sublime feast for all the senses and Björk's most elaborate production yet."

Björk's performances at the Perth Festival will be based on her 2017 avant-garde album, Utopia, with a plethora of choirs of voices and flutes enveloped in an epic immersive multimedia experience. 

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The New York Magazine called the Cornucopia experience "One of the most incredible displays of lights and sounds ever to grace a stage."

The tenth Björk album, Fossora, was released last month. The singular, stunning work was led by the singles Atopos and Ovule, two extravagant songs with videos to match. 

Atopos, an apocalyptic dance song, sees Björk dance in a spectacular mushroom forest with her wish to "play the song loudly." On social media, she asked, "Because of the enormous importance of bass in this song, could you please play it loudly?" 

Lyrically the track finds her as cryptic as ever, featuring lines like "Pursuing the light too hard is a form of hiding" and "Our union is stronger than us / Hope is a muscle," while vocally, Björk still sounds like no other artist on earth.

On the other hand, Ovule slows things down. It is an unorthodox ballad, teaming her oddball vocal delivery and patterns with a subtle low-fi beat and additional minimalist instrumentation for most of its running time.  

Find out more about the Perth Festival and purchase tickets to see Björk here.