Björk Dances In A Mushroom Forest In Video For New Single 'Atopos'

7 September 2022 | 11:34 am | Brenton Harris

'Atopos' arrives accompanied by a Viðar Logi-directed clip, which is set in a spectacular mushroom forest.

Björk has shared a new song, Atopos. The first single from her forthcoming full-length Fossora, Atopos blends Björk's Avante-Garde stylings with elements of dark, almost apocalyptic dance. It is a distinct step away from the soundscapes of her previous album 2017's Utopia.  

Atopos arrives accompanied by a Viðar Logi-directed clip, which is set in a spectacular mushroom forest. In the video, Björk is surrounded by a bass clarinet section and Indonesian group Gabber Modus Operandi’s DJ Kasimyn, as they face off for what appears to be some form of ritualistic rave-off. 

The odd blend of naturistic and futuristic visuals and the unexpected blend of soundscapes make some sense of Björk's description of Atopos as "biological techno".

Lyrically the track finds Björk as cryptic as ever, featuring lines like "Pursuing the light too hard is a form of hiding,” and “Our union is stronger than us / Hope is a muscle,”, while vocally,  Björk still sounds like no other artist on earth.

Björk took to Twitter yesterday to share that the track is “kinda like Fossora’s passport.”

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Björk also took to social media to request that we all listen to this song rather loudly, as she intended. 

“Because of the enormous importance of bass in this song, could you please play it loudly?”

The post also includes a thank you to Viðar Logi for his direction and vision. 

Due for release on September 30, Fossora was partly inspired by the pandemic experience and lockdown raves.  Björk made up the title, creating the feminine of “fossore,” which means “digger, delver, ditcher." Pre-orders for the album are available now.