Listening To Drake While Working Out Might Not Be The Best Idea

31 December 2021 | 12:07 pm | Staff Writer

Important information for many a New Year's resolution.

Some people dedicate a lot of time to curating their perfect workout soundtrack (maybe even more than they spend at the gym), so it’s not surprising that someone’s actually unpacked the science around the perfect Spotify gym playlist.

As Digital Music News reports, a study analysed the data of 60 runs, where runners were listening to a different artist for each run.

While, unfortunately, only major pop artists were put to the test, the results were interesting nonetheless.

Topping the list was Beyoncé, who reportedly shaved 33 seconds off per km, followed by Harry Styles (31 seconds), Britney Spears (28 seconds), Adele (19 seconds) and Taylor Swift (17 seconds) in the top five.

Artists you want to avoid while working out - unless you’re looking to add a little more time to your run - include Drake, who topped that list by adding an additional 21 seconds per km, BTS (9 seconds), Doja Cat (5 seconds), Nicki Minaj (2 seconds), Katy Perry (1 second).

But really, if you’re looking for new music to add to your workout, look no further than our best music of 2021 playlist:

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