Ben Lee’s Joke TikTok Dig At Murray From The Wiggles Got Him Reported For Bullying

23 March 2022 | 11:45 am | Staff Writer

"Fuck you Murray, you know exactly what you did!"

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Ben Lee's comical feud with The Wiggles member Murray Cook has taken new heights over a joke TikTok diss which was removed from the platform due to "harassment and bullying". 

The original diss video sees Lee tell a sporadic, three-minute-long memoir of totally irrelevant stories about cupping exercises, the flu, eggplants and the positioning of drums on stage before ending the video with, "Fuck you Murray, you know exactly what you did!"

It was clearly ironic in nature and had no malice attached to the story.

"I made a very silly video full of nonsense stories that had nothing to do with anything and I've been removed from harassing and bullying Murray Cook from The Wiggles," Lee said in a follow-up video.

Lee then shared a message exchange with Cook which stated that he also enjoyed the video.

Despite the initial ban/takedown, the original video (below) appears to have been readded to Lee's TikTok account.

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Reply to @sandwitchery Murray has a better sense of humor than whoever reported the vid 🤷‍♂️ #thewiggles #murraycook #benvsmurray #australia #music

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