Australian Eurovision Jury Vote Revealed

13 May 2024 | 9:48 am | Mary Varvaris

Electric Fields missed out on getting further in the Eurovision Song Contest by just six points.

Electric Fields represented Australia at Eurovision 2024

Electric Fields represented Australia at Eurovision 2024 (Credit: Morgan Sette)

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Only six votes separated Electric Fields from qualifying and reaching the second Eurovision Song Contest semi-final, TV Tonight reports.

As we reported last week, Australia’s entrant for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest missed out on the second semi-final after being eliminated following the first semi-final. But it was a close one: Australia landed in 11th place in the first semi-final with 41 points, while Serbia took tenth place with 47 points.

Croatia topped the Semi Final One performances with 177 points, with Ukraine following in a very close 173 points, Ireland with a score of 124, Lithuania with 119, Luxembourg with 117, Cyprus with 67 points, Finland with 59, Portugal one point behind, and Slovenia picking up ninth place with 51 points.

TV Tonight also revealed the Australian Eurovision 2024 voting jury, which included singer Alfie Arcuri, musician Mason Watts, journalist Jane Albert, singer-songwriter Mia Rodriguez, and Meagan Loader, the new Chief Curator of the National Film and Sound Archive.

The Australian jury voted in favour of Ireland, giving the country’s entrant, Bambie Thug, 12 points. The votes were followed by Switzerland (10 points), eight for Croatia, seven for Italy, six for Cyprus, five for Sweden, four for the UK, three for Finland, two for Luxembourg, and one point for Ukraine.

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest was won by Switzerland’s Nemo, who attracted controversy (and praise, particularly on social media) for commenting that “maybe” Eurovision needs fixing following their record-breaking win—Nemo is the first-ever non-binary artist to win the competition.

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Electric Fields keyboardist Michael Ross said about the duo’s plans post-Eurovision: “I would just say, keep an eye on our story, because even though Eurovision is a major, major deal [and] a major moment, it’s actually not the best of what we’ve got coming. Keep your eye out.”

The Australian electronic music pair were announced to represent Australia at Eurovision 2024 in March.

They said of their inclusion at the time: “We are buzzed with euphoria at our chance to share this music with the world. Our music comes from the deepest place in both of us, and Eurovision is the most exciting opportunity to bring together our cultures and share the joy of our global connection.”

You can watch Electric Fields’ performance at Eurovision below.