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Andrew Schneider's Youarenowhere Premieres At Arts House

26 August 2015 | 10:38 am | Staff Writer

Where quantum physics and theatre meet

Award-winning American creator/performer, Andrew Schneider, premieres his exploratory new work, Youarenowhere, at Arts House in October.

As our understanding of quantum physics deepens, the more aware we become of the fact that nothing is as it seems. Schneider pondered the possibilities such as what would happen if you were to meet yourself, an exact replica, from another dimension? Which of you would be the real you? Incorporating a dizzying array of visual and aural effects, creative coding, interactive electronics and wearable sensors, Schneider explores those possibilities in the theatrical experience of Youarenowhere.

Schneider has been creating original works for theatre, video, and installation in his native New York City since 2003. Transforming physical space, warping linear time and shortcircuiting preconceptions of what it means to be in what we believe/perceive is the here and now, in Youarenowhere Schneider exposes the cracks and anomalies in the cosmos. Youarenowhere has its Australian premiere 15 - 19 Oct at Arts House.


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