ALBUM PREMIERE: Sometime Sonny - 'Thanks A Million'

7 November 2018 | 4:13 pm | Staff Writer

"It acts as my own personal diary for the year."

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Brisbane songwriter Sometime Sonny aka Dave Campbell returns this week with the release of his debut album, Thanks A Million, and we here at have the exclusive premiere today.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the album, Campbell said, "Although most artists aim for consistency/fluency on a record, often by recording each song in a block of recording days, I was hoping to capture unique stories, emotions and sounds from separate events throughout the year.

"To achieve this, every song was recorded shortly after it was written (often months from one recording to another). I think this gives the album a lot of character and mixes things up for anyone listening. It acts as my own personal diary for the year and all the memories it recounts are super special to me."

Recorded and produced by longtime collaborator Hugh Middleton, the album's title track serves as a thank you letter from Campbell.

"Hugh and I enjoy working with one another and once the bones of the song were completed, we went into the 'luv basement' (a homemade studio in the basement of his house) and fleshed out the rest of the songs together," he said. 

"Because it was recorded at a home studio, there are often strange sounds like a toilet flushing, someone dropping something upstairs or the lollipop lady blowing her whistle for the school kids across the road. 

"These unique and unintentional sounds are littered throughout the record and I think is another factor that gives the album a unique charm. Hugh and I have very similar musical tastes and directions, so it was destined to be a winning combination. I had such a blast recording the album with Hughy that I wrote a song to thank him and it became the title of the album - Thanks A Million."

Check it out above!