Adam Hills Just Destroyed Piers Morgan Live On His Own TV Show

20 June 2019 | 8:24 am | Neil Griffiths

“Is that worse than being a snowflake liberal but pretending not to be, which is what you do?”

Aussie comedian Adam Hills took on (and pretty handily owned, in our opinion) Piers Morgan on live breakfast television this week following a feud that was sparked on Twitter last year. 

Appearing on Good Morning Britain to promote the latest season of his show, The Last Leg, Hills was quickly called out by Morgan who said the two have "beef".

Here's the exchange from October last year: 

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Morgan kicked off the segment by telling the Sydney-born comic "Here’s your chance to show some humility and regret the tone because I always thought we got on well and then I pick up Twitter and suddenly I'm being abused by you".

Always quick to the punch, Hills replied, “Well firstly, on your original tweet, if I'm not mistaken you used the hashtag 'emasculated'. So you were calling into question [Daniel Craig’s] masculinity for looking after his own child, which I think there are several issues with.

“Secondly, I know you Piers, and most of this is an act.

“There’s one of two things going on. Either you are a terribly odious human being who believes everything he says on TV… or you are pretending to be a terribly odious human being in order to be paid."

Trying to laugh it off, Morgan suggested 90% of the Good Morning Britain audience shares his views saying, "Do you think The Last Leg in a way is not representative of the wider public, but is just a bunch of smart arse snowflake liberals all laughing at people who have the more mainstream views?” 

Hills landed the final blow in one sentence, responding, "Is that worse than being a snowflake liberal but pretending not to be, which is what you do?” 

Yeah - game, set, match Hills. Check out the full clip below.