A Sydney Bar Has Copped A Noise Complaint Over Clinking Sounds... No, Really

8 May 2019 | 3:20 pm | Staff Writer

Look out glassware, you could be next.

Just when you thought Sydney's nightlife couldn't cop anymore blows, things have gone a step further with a wine bar now scoring themselves a noise complaint... over clinking sounds.

As reported by ABC, Black Bottle wine bar in Darlinghurst has been banned from playing rounds of petanque - a game similar to bocce - as the sounds of the metal balls connecting where too "irritating" for local residents. The bar has now been forced to wrap up the game, which was played by patrons in a small sandpit in the venue's courtyard.

A post was made to the Black Bottle Facebook page last week, saying "Today we are sad to say in another grand civil move the City of Sydney has called us to stop the Petanque from happening at the back of Black Bottle, effective immediately. 

"Apparently the 'metal balls clanking' were disturbing the neighbors in the already ghastly neighborhood." 

"A very sad day at Black Bottle, and another very sad day for Sydney." See the full post below.

City Of Sydney councillor Jess Scully has said that the complaint is currently being investigated. 

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The complaint comes just months after Surry Hills bar Goros, which is run by the Solotel group, was forced to remove a disco ball from their venue after being faced with new restrictions.