10 Times Shit Got Real at MOFO

4 December 2015 | 10:41 am | Staff Writer

P.S. This might read like a bad trip

Tassie festival MOFO at MONA has seen some shit in its eight years of existence. Curated this year by Violent Femmes' Brian Ritchie, if you're going to Hobart for the extravaganza and you're not quite sure what you're in for… here are a few reminders.

1. When a dwarf with a piano was hosting karaoke in a laundry that you entered via a playground slide

Photo by Remi Chauvin

Photo by Remi Chauvin

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2. When Nick Cave told stories of his incarceration in Hobart on stage, and dedicated a song to the Tasmania Police

3. When Lucas Abela played glass with his face

Photo by Alex Davies

4. When a woman shat in her handbag at Faux Mo - and took it home with her

We don't have a photo to illustrate this. Probably a good thing.

5. When Bendy Ben did a UV light string cage striptease 

Photo by Remi Chauvin

6. When Chinese artist Li Binyuan smashed 250 hammers with a hammer in the name of art

Photo by Remi Chauvin

7. When you could watch a movie inside a rocket ship

Photo by Lara Merrington

8. When the Mixmasters DJs from regional Tasmania made pancakes on their turntables for the audience

9. When Chicks on Speed performed on a Hobart laneway fire escape

Photo by Remi Chauvin

10. When the last thing you want to do at 4am is be stuck inside a tent with a disco gorilla

Photo by Remi Chauvin