Hoodoo Gurus Manager Michael McMartin Resigns After 41 Years

22 February 2024 | 9:18 am | Mary Varvaris

"Thanks to the Hoodoo Gurus I have lived a life that I only otherwise could have dreamt of."

Michael McMartin at the AAM Awards

Michael McMartin at the AAM Awards (Credit: Jess Gleeson)

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Hoodoo Gurus manager Michael McMartin (of Melody Management) has announced that he’s stepping down from the position of the band’s manager after 41 years due to ongoing health issues.

Mighty Management’s Mick Mazzone will assist in the transition for McMartin and the band and take over future activities.

McMartin has long held an impressive, influential career in the Australian music industry and alongside the Hoodoo Gurus. He signed the band’s first record deal in 1982 before taking on the role of band manager in 1985.

Over four decades, Hoodoo Gurus have become a multi-platinum selling band in Australia, selling out gigs globally and were inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame in 2007. Also, in 2007, McMartin received the APRA Ted Albert Award, and in 2015, he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for “services to the performing arts, especially music”.

Mick Mazzone is the ideal person to take the reins from McMartin, having been the Hoodoo Gurus tour manager for over a decade. He’s also maintained a close friendship with the band and McMartin for 30 years.

Hoodoo Gurus are currently in the process of finalising tour dates for Brazil and America later this year. McMartin is winding down his involvement and duties with the band and gradually handing Mazzone everything he needs.

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In a statement, McMartin said about today’s announcement, “What a unique and extraordinary life I have been gifted, working with the Hoodoo Gurus and sharing in so many of the experiences that have made them such an iconic part of Australian culture.

“Through my 40-plus years with them, I have had the privilege of meeting so many incredible people throughout the world, including their fans, peers and the Gurus’ family. Having an integral part of that family, in Mick Mazzone, take over management in the next few weeks ensures the band’s legacy and future are in safe hands.”

He continued, “I really can’t find the words to express my feelings at this time, but respect, love, and gratitude would be among them. Thanks to the Hoodoo Gurus I have lived a life that I only otherwise could have dreamt of.”

In a statement of his own, Hoodoo Gurus frontman Dave Faulkner added, “We are devastated by this sudden turn of events; however, we are incredibly proud of everything we have achieved together. In one way or another, Michael has been by our side every step of the way throughout our career, and it goes without saying that his role in our success has been pivotal.

“It is impossible to express how we are feeling right now, but there are enormous feelings of gratitude for everything that Michael has done for us as we recollect the life-changing experiences we have all shared.”

Faulkner also expressed gratitude towards Mazzone, adding, “We are also very grateful that Mick Mazzone has offered to assist Michael and eventually take over completely as our manager at a time of Michael's choosing.

“Mick has long been a part of the Gurus’ family, and, like any family, we often rely on each other in a crisis. Most of all, our hearts go out to Michael, his wife, Saskia, and both of their extended families and we wish them well at this difficult time.”