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Wrestling-themed Burrito Stores & Pre-show Yoga: What Went Down On Fascinator's US Tour

15 June 2018 | 3:42 pm | Fascinator

It was one hell of a tour.

With his brand new album Water Sign out today, what better time to read about what New York-based-Australian-bred artist Fascinator got up to on his recent US tour with POND?

From visiting wrestling-themed burrito stores, to pre-show yoga, to eating (and wearing) pizza, it's safe to say the multi-instrumentalist made the most of his overseas run. 

Fascinator will return to Australia next week for some headline shows, including a set at Dark Mofo 2018; for more details, click on theGuide.

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May the gods bless this backstage area and send us out there with affable charisma and dextrous fortune!

In San Diego we found a wrestling-themed burrito place right after everyone had convinced me to buy this hat that doesn't fit my giant head. Lord Decorator picked up some hot shades. We all got saucy.

Right before we decided it would be funny to film me rolling down a giant dune in slow motion. I will now carry a piece of this desert with me always.

We bought one of everything.

This is why mechanics don't wear white.

Lord Elevator getting into the spirit of things at the aquarium.

Lordsburg is thattaway, man!

Lord Elevator took us through some pre-show yoga in LA. 

Shiny Joe Ryan of Pond gradually transformed from being ON a pizza at the beginning of tour, to being an actual slice of pizza last night in Alabama. Note both pizzas are the same flavour.

Tour's over, people! Time for a swim!